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Last Update: 12/03/23


Scam Exposing and Awareness

Hello from HeadsUp! This website has and will bring awareness to all one day. I believe everyone should be educated on scams, how to spot and stop them.


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Scams will never truly stop; they will most certainly develop and evolve. Scams started out as seemingly now-a-day simple email scams, but back then they were surprising. Just like now the YouTube advertisment scams, Instagram impersonation scams and phone number messaging scams; you know, the one's that say you've got a tax rebate, or your parcel wasn't delivered pay this fee. This will be in the future completely normal and the new form of simple level scams.

That being said, any scam is still a scam; simple or small it's still dangerous and should be reported and should be made public and this is the reason for the creation of this website.

Collecting Money

One person,
A Whole Website,
For Free

This website is run by a single individual who manages the funds of the website, posts their findings about scams on social media and reports their findings accordingly, all for free.

This website will never charge for anything, information like this should be free to all who's dealing with scams or not.

So that's why this donation button exists, you choose.


If you do decide to donate to this website. You have gone above and beyond as you didn't need to do it.

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Recent Website Updates:

(29/12/2022 0AM to WORK IN PROGRESS

  • Added info to planned updates.

  • Updated old text on the page "Spot a Scam" for easier reading and better understanding of the subject (hopefully).

  • Changed text on the donation page.

  • Ads are still in progress.

  • Working on mobile side of the website.

  • Made improvements to the overall design to the website such as design consistencies.

  • Made the website optimised for mobile devices! Always originally designed for desktop.

(8/12/2022 10PM to 24/12/2022 2:30AM)

  • Created a custom picture for the "Search" image on the "Spot a Scam" Page.

  • I've added new scams to the "Scam Archive" page, Twitter Bot Accounts, The Hi Mum Scam and The Fake Fortnite Scams, coming soon UK Universal credit scams and Robux Scams!

  • Added a thank you to Itsgeppy.

  • Did some design consistencies on the main orange banners making them all have a shadowed effect.

  • Added a sub page to "Scam Archive" called "Other Archived Issues"

  • Added more content to the "Scam Archive" Page that talks about the "Hi Mum Scam" "Twitter Bots" and "YouTube GTA Scam & Fortnight Scams"

  • changed the "How to Spot Scams | HeadsUp! It's a Scam" on my website to

  • "Scam Awareness | HeadsUp! It's a Scam" This makes more sense to the website as a whole.

  • A new description was made for the home page of this website.

  • Added a donations button for anyone who wants to fund this website.

OLD: HeadsUp! It's a Scam was made as a brand to bring awareness to the latest scams or on-going ones. Together we will make this world more scam aware. Now use this website to see how to spot-a-scam using the LOOK, RESEARCH, AND PRY method.

NEW: Be scam aware with HeadsUp! It's a scam, this website is here to bring awareness to the latest scams, on-going ones and archiving them. Together we will make this world more scam aware. Report scams, learn about them and even how to stop them using "Look, Search and Pry" all here for you.

  • Adding ads by google onto this website to keep it afloat

  • Added a Codex to the scam archive page for easier understanding

  • Added an error 404 page

  • Created various small and big touch-ups to the design of the website!

For past update history please click here and then search for the "Website Updates" part of the forum

Planned Updates:

(12/03/2023) I will add effected accounts on YouTube that have been effected by scams publicly


(01/11/2022) I want to add a page that displays scam/spam/bot accounts I've come into contact with or that others have reported that have either been taken down or are still active to archive and spread awareness to those curious or have been affected by scams.

Adding known scam accounts 100% done!) 

Adding a Facts Page (60% Complete partly done)

Adding a facts page that informs the viewer of facts around the globe about scams.

Parallel Lines

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