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Who is HeadsUp! It's a Scam?

In short, the HeadsUp brand is run my one person who wants to make as many people as possible aware of scams, what they do, how they do it and most importantly how to combat it; remember this is all free, you don't need to pay anyone for help with scam or hacked account related issues. Its the social media companies job.

My goal and My Views

I see scams everywhere, even in places you may not expect

But even obvious scams are not really talked about, only a very few creators on YouTube talk about scams.


But not everyone watches YouTube and even the videos provided by scam busting accounts don't really show how to combat scams, only skills they posses used to take down them down; not everyone is technical some even vunerable, easy to turn a blink eye to help when they have just been scammed.

I want to provide neutral information based on fact that clearly tells everyone how to combat scams online. having that documented and not spoken about on a one minute video due to time constraints is better,  more informational and less confusing.

I don't just run a website, I am an indie game developer, book writer and photographer.

What I do

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