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Hi! This page is here to display my current and past social media content live and facts about scams.

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Where I show my work

The main place I keep all of my content is, no social media place is the best for any kind of content, but I do personally think Twitter may be the simplest place to gain exposure and the way content is made on the website seems suitable for this kind of content. I hope that my content brings scam awareness, helps how to spot scams and aid in internet safety practices.

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The Facts!

This is the fact section where I share the facts and statistics I find online. The facts on this website are from sources that are credited at the start or end of the fact or quote.

Facts from Comparitech

In 2021, one spammer made over 200 million calls

"One spammer in India was responsible for 202 million scam calls in 2021, which works out at 27,000 fraud attempts per hour. It should be noted that this isn’t one person, but more likely an entire office full of fraudsters." (Source: Truecaller).

Scammers frequently impersonate legitimate businesses

Hiya’s 2022 State of the Call survey found that scammers lied about who they were in 62% of scam calls. This has led to 12% of victims ceasing contact with the impersonated business.

The UK was the 4th most-spammed country in 2020

Truecaller noticed an increase of 159% when it came to spam calls in 2020. Of these, 48% were sales calls and 59% were outright fraudulent. (Source: Truecaller).

Brazilians receive on average, one spam call per day

Brazil leads the world in spam callers per person. In 2021, Brazilian residents received an average of 32.9 spam calls per person, per month. (Source: Truecaller).

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