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More Archived Info

This page is the sub page to Scam Archive! 

Instead of archiving scams, this page archives issues with social media scam reporting, those being the ones that effect us all and those we do not know about. Below is issue's I have found.

YouTube Ad Reporting Inconsistency

It's saying copied when pressing share!

But not here?

You are able to copy links, making it easier to show to YouTube the potential scam on this video.

But on this video you cannot click on the share button that's right there?!

Created on 09/12/2022

I haven't even mentioned the fact that you cant even report videos on YouTube Shorts at all, the only way to do so is to get a link to the account or video in question, how can you do that with no share functionality on some shorts? Not all shorts do this which makes this more confusing. 

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