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How do Update Numbers Work?

Updated: Jul 8

So! Please be aware that every person who uses version numbers, like in game development do it differently, this is my take on it.

The first website version of this website was 0.0.0. A baseline from the original website created back in august of 2022. Some developers may call it version 1 or version 1.0.0.

Now we are at 1.1.2

But what does that mean?

With each update the numbers go up, corresponding to what was added onto to the website.

The first number in 1.1.2 is 1, this means that there has been a full new section added to the website's top bar which is major to me. say if its currently version 1.1.2, if I added a new page called "how to stop scammers" separate from the other pages currently on the website then the version number would be 2.0.0.

The second 1, tracks how many feature have been added, or rather how many times pages have been updated with new content or completely new pages on top of the original ones, say if I have three pages already my website on "advice against scams" if i add a completely new page to it, till be 1.2.2.

Make sense? I HOPE!

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