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Scam Archive is a collection of my findings, evidence and information all about scams, all in one place. 


I've documented the Mr BEAST Scams, Twitter bot accounts, Robux scams, Fake Fortnite scams, GTA Scams and more! The internet is a great place, but some take advantage if that. I document what should be widely known.


What is it

   This explains the scam in brief

What is does

   This explains how the scam works

 Who it targets

   This explains who the scam will effect

How the scam benefits from you

   This explains what the scam does in order for them to steal from you.


The Mr Beast Scam

What is it? Updated on 6/12/2022

What is it: This is a scam that pretends to be an official Mr Beast giveaway, pretends to be BY him and is actually voucher scam.

What it does: This scam starts off as an advert on YouTube that reels you in with money and buzz words like "Exclusive!" "Invitation" "Have it before its gone" "Best chance to get $1000"

 Who it targets: I believe this scam's main focus is targeting young kids that unknowingly believe that this Mr beast or those who are not familiar with advertisement scams.

How the scam benefits from you: From my understanding this scam get revenue from YOU clicking on the claim prize button, how? By clicking this button, it takes you to a page called "Rewards Giant UK" that's what it is in the UK at least and by going through with the rewards giant UK website it will get you to answer personal questions about yourself

Watch below to see this scam in action and for more info.

Created by

Mr Beast.... Scammers will do anything.

These scammers use old accounts dating back to 2007+ to hack into them to use for their scams and to go undetected. they do this the majority of the time, effecting real people's accounts they may never see again.

The Hi Mum Scam

Updated on 13/12/2022

What is it: This is a scam that pretends to be your daughter or son or relative of any kind. It is known as the "Hi Mum Scam" you can find it via hashtags on social media, like twitter.

What it does: This scam starts off with a text, pretending to be someone you know from a different number claiming to have an issue that causes them to be unable to reach their own phone number, they usually contact you roughly saying this message via SMS "Hi mum I'm texting you off of my friends number". If you even have kids.


This scam looks like this,



the wording may be different but will always ask you to text them on a different number from the one they are contacting you from. 

Then when and if you reply to the number they want you to text, they may ask you to text that number on WhatsApp or you might just hop right in and put that number into your WhatsApp giving them the advantage. And this is why you need to research before a random number texts you, or pry, just like in my "spot a scam" page says.

 Who it targets: I believe this scam's main focus is targeting individuals who would do anything for their sons or daughters without question. But remember these people behind the text messages send them to every one, I've had six and I have no kids. These messages are sent via bot numbers.

How the scam benefits from you: From my understanding this scam gets revenue from YOU by asking for money via WhatsApp.


The way they might possibly ask you for said money, just like in some instances they've said in the SMS messages, is to replace a broken phone. But this maximises profits for the scammers, as if you do fall for it your giving away £300+ to replace their "phone" this means in a worse case scenario, If you would + give everything to your kids then they will milk that.


The reason why they succeed in some cases is because they make people believe that you are truly speaking to your daughter, son or what ever you think or they claim to be.

Look below at some screen shots for an example of reused scripts but with different numbers that they want you to message for there scam to start.


Same script


Hacker Twitter Bots...

Bots accounts on twitter are claiming to be hackers that can hack IP addresses and some how reactivate accounts that have been banned, they are everywhere and target via keywords like "account" "recovery" "hacked" and "suspended"

What is it: A scam that pretends to be expert hackers that can magically access your "banned" "stolen" or even lost account

What it does: This scam seeks out those who openly post there issues on social media or those who are seeking guidance from others about the issues there facing. the issues being there accounts being either hacked, lost or otherwise.

 Who it targets: Vulnerable people seeking help while there accounts are seemingly being taken over by a hacker, or, some one who wants to desperately access there accounts that have been banned or suspended

How the scam benefits from you: These scammers, who pretend to "help" you with your hacked account or suspended one for instance will ask for money in every way you can think of.

Either by guilt tripping you into paying them when they didn't mention you would need to pay for there services.

Or by saying you would need to pay, then the price is more than you bargained for, as they did not likely tell you the price or they put up the price because of an issue "you" caused them, making the price go up. All of these are real likely scenarios.


My Personal Note: These bot accounts seem to be run by actual people and sometimes these people who run these spam accounts check in to see if some one has responded to there false claims. I have seen first hand actual people replying to innocent bystanders who are unaware of the scam that's praying on them.

These accounts are everywhere and NEED to be reported every time you see them. I admit its very time consuming to report these accounts as I see so many bot accounts on twitter it does feel tedious.


But, reporting what you can does help, especially to those who fall for these scams and are unaware it is key to at least share the tweets via screenshots.

Fake Adverts on YouTube

In this section I will be discussing various fake adverts on YouTube

Fake GTA Ad Scam

What is it: A individual or group posing as Rockstar Games and offering a "free" version of the game "Grand theft auto 5"

What it does: Adverts are created and posted online via YouTube Shorts advertising, on normal YouTube videos or normal YouTube ad banners on there website. The adverts consist of game play from GTA 5 with sometimes mods being used to entice more people to get the "free" game. As seen in the screen shots and video's in this section.

 Who it targets: I believe this scam targets children or teenagers who cannot get this game by normal means as they would be underage.

How the scam benefits from you: From my understanding from other scams similar to this, like the fake Fortnite adverts and Robux scams, this scam like those gets revenue by you accessing their websites that are filled with other adverts that also pretends to have "free games" on them. Which gives them revenue and the other advertisers revenue if you where to click on them. And what I find personally strange is that on some of the adverts that pose as offering a free game is sometimes there are actually official links to those websites that have a real purchase link to services like Steam, Epic Games and so fourth. Probably so they are less likely to get caught.

Who's behind it?

I don't know if this is their real name, but if it isn't then I don't know how this has been verified.

They have used this name "An Ly" and "Ly Viet An" if it is or not their name at least its consistent. But something I can say is that they seem to be located in Vietnam.

Screenshot_20221213_140837_Samsung Inter

Fake Fortnite Ad Scam

What is it: A scam pretending to offer a free, some how "special" or even a previous version of the game Fortnite. In some cases this fake Fortine scam pretends to 

What it does: Adverts are created with gameplay from the game, sometimes being actual promotional footage created by the developer Epic Games. Sometimes there is someone playing the game on an iPhone calming the game is "back" and "free for all users"

 Who it targets: Sadly I believe this scam targets children, teenagers or people who play Fortnite or want to.


How the scam benefits from you: Ad revenue, just like the GTA 5 scam, this scam also targets you, promising a free or alternative version of, say Fortnite, and it just leads you to the purchase page, before bombarding you with ads for said game or games.

More Scam Evidence Will Be Added Soon!

Robux Scam

Coming soon in the next update!

Universal Credit Scam

Coming soon in the next update!
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