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If you spot something that doesn't feel legit or official in anyway, always research your what you think is going on, researching your doubts could potentially save you from future worry because there may be a chance that it is a scam trying to take something away from you.


Or, it may not be a scam, the best way I see it personally is to research ANYTHING that seems even slightly fishy, you can never be too careful, but don't call them a scammer when you don't know yet, obviously.


I always find that some content creators do not really show you or truly go into detail about what they are saying when it comes to scams, I usually see them shouting things like "LOOK FOR BAD GRAMMAR" or "we stopped this scammer!!!" All well and good but doesn't really teach anyone about how to avoid, learn and adapt. Instead you just get high adrenaline shouty people on videos telling you what they did.


And on the stereotypical scammer tendencies note, this isn't always the case as from experience I've been called up by official companies like Three the mobile/WIFI company and even the police; I've personally thought to myself, huh private number, huh different language... This means nothing. Yes, it may be common that scammers do this or mask themselves with office looking business numbers, but this is why LOOK, RESEARCH and PRYING is important below.



Look for ANYTHING suspicious. Language, punctuation, guilt tripping, aggression, blackmailing, how they speak to you is key to finding out if their a scammer.


More Detail:

  • Asking for you to click links

  • Pressuring you into doing something for them.

  • Getting aggressive when you aren't quick enough or not following what they say.

  • Saying that if you don't comply they'll lose their job.

  • Their messages or words sounding robotic like a script.

  • Telling you that they will call the authorities.

  • Making them seem like an authority, asking for sensitive information (bank details, name, address)

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Now search for the things you've looked out for;


Say if the wording was aggressive, demanding and contained words like "you must do this" or "there is no other way do what i say" then you need to look at the situation differently; what are they asking? It's easy-to-get caught up in the situation but remember YOUR in control. In this situation search for what the potential scammer is asking for, their number and any other details on the app you're using may help on your search.



Now USE that information!


Now, with this information in your hands you have the choice of PRYING into the scammer's conversation with you. You can get more information out of them by asking; where's their company is based and their name or anything else you can think of. All of this is valuable information for you and others if you post this data online, this could stop future scams.

Or if your just sick of or don't want to speak to the newfound scammer just leave them be. BUT PLEASE before you do this you MUST report your finding, a simple screenshot would suffice.

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