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A Bit About It:

Scam Type: Impersonation for profit

What is it: A scam pretending to offer a free, some how "special" or even a previous version of the game Fortnite.

What it does: Adverts are created with gameplay from the game, sometimes being actual promotional footage created by the developer Epic Games or even voices from real prominent YouTube creators. Sometimes there is someone playing the game on an iPhone calming the game is "back" and "free for all users" and it's not Epic making these ads, the developers of Fortnite seem to be unaware of this.

Who it targets: Sadly I believe this scam targets children, teenagers or people who play Fortnite or want to but some how can't.

How the scam benefits from you: Ad revenue, just like the GTA 5 scam, this scam also targets you, promising a free or alternative version of, say Fortnite, and it just leads you to the purchase page, before bombarding you with ads for said game or games.

More About It:

A more detailed documentation on The Free Fortnite Scam

This information will be added on its own page displaying YouTube and other social medias bad reporting tools. Look here and see that you can't report these YouTube short videos, there is no reporting tool, and a method to report the videos the only one you can feasible use is to copy the link of the video of the scam in question and provide it to YouTube, but you can't copy the link on the video below. I reported this to YouTube and this has since been reworked by YouTube so there is a central reporting tool that looks the same and in some cases has the same title as "My Ad Centre"

This seems great! A new central way of reporting! But it isn't. It isn't obvious on shorts, the My Ad Centre is called "why this ad" and you still have cases where that option doesn't even exist, its rare but why?


Not only that but you still cant copy the links of some advertisements which is an official way of reporting videos to YouTube, on places like twitter which is there only means of helping you; no link no service.

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