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The Free GTAV Scam

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A Bit About It:

Scam Type: SMS/Text message scam, impersonation, WhatsApp Scam

What is it: A individual or group posing as Rockstar Games and offering a "free" version of the game "Grand theft auto 5"

What it does:  Adverts are created and posted online via YouTube Shorts advertising, on normal YouTube videos or normal YouTube ad banners on there website. The adverts consist of game play from GTA 5 with sometimes mods being used to entice more people to get the "free" game. As seen in the screen shots and video's in this section.

Who it targets: I believe this scam targets children or teenagers who cannot get this game by normal means as they would be underage.

How the scam benefits from you:  From my understanding from other scams similar to this, like the fake Fortnite adverts and Robux scams, this scam like those gets revenue by you accessing their websites that are filled with other adverts that also pretends to have "free games" on them. Which gives them revenue and the other advertisers revenue if you where to click on them. And what I find personally strange is that on some of the adverts that pose as offering a free game is sometimes there are actually official links to those websites that have a real purchase link to services like Steam, Epic Games and so fourth. Probably so they are less likely to get caught.

More About It:

Information on the scammer

I don't know if this is their real name, but if it isn't then I don't know how this has been verified.

They have used this name "An Ly" and "Ly Viet An" when making the advertisement seen in the screenshots below, if it is or not their name at least it's consistent. But something I can say is that they seem to be located in Vietnam, though that could also be fake too. You can see this evidence below.

Something very strange that is running along the "Free GTA5" scam is that they where also claiming to give away... Drum roll please! GTAVI, or for those like me who had to google the roman numeral, GTA 6. This is obviously fake but what isn't obvious is that, well I bet your saying who would fall for these scams? They keep doing it so something is working, children are picking up on this "free" scam and other ones like the robux scam, I even fell for the free gold scam on clash of clans as a kid scams evolve as you grow, but scams catch out those who don't know about scams.

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