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A Bit About It:

Scam Type: Impersonation for profit

What is it: This is a scam that pretends to be an official Mr Beast giveaway, it pretends to be by them and is actually voucher scam.

What it does: This scam starts off as an advert on YouTube that reels you in with money and buzz words like "Exclusive!" "Invitation" "Have it before its gone" "Best chance to get $1000"

Who it targets: I believe this scam's main focus is targeting young kids that unknowingly believe that this Mr beast or those who are not familiar with advertisement scams.

How the scam benefits from you: From my understanding this scam get revenue from you clicking on the claim prize button, how? By clicking this button, it takes you to a page called "Rewards Giant UK" that's what it is in the UK at least, by going through with the Rewards Giant UK website it will get you to answer personal questions about yourself, which you should not answer.

More About It:

A more detailed documentation on the Mr Beast scam

This is a scam that impersonates the widely known Mr Beast, a content creator if your not familiar with has a lot of videos around challenges, that sometimes involves giving away money to random people who have either entered the challenges or otherwise been subject to them in other circumstances.

An individual or small group of people have been impersonating Mr Beast by using YouTube ads, you might have seen it already it looks like this. These advertisements pretend to be Mr Beast in hopes you wont see the difference when they scam you, how do they do it? First they make an advert, second they use Mr Beast branding all over it and similar language that could be associated with Mr Beast to trick you into thinking its the real deal. Thirdly they advertise a website in the ads video that directs you to the comment section where you will find a link to a website, though it seems their links get removed sometimes so they put the links also into the description.

Once clicked, you will be brought to a crappy looking website with real Mr Beast images and art with fake comments from YouTube to make it look more believable, believe it or not there use to be a rather large comment at the end of the websites staying "Proudly made by Mr Beast" which can be seen here.

These scammers use old accounts dating back to 2007+, they hack into them to use them for their scams and do so undetected for the most part. They do this the majority of the time, effecting real people's accounts they may never see again, as YouTube states its up to the account holders to get there account back, which is understandable but also not great as you cant just wind your accounts back to the older times of YouTube. there will be a point when already active accounts are taken down for there old age because they'll eventually run out of abandoned accounts, true or not, time will tell.

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