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Twitter Bot Accounts

Fake Twitter hacker

A Bit About It:

Scam Type: Account recovery, bot accounts, pretend hackers

What is it: A scam that pretends to be expert hackers that can magically access your "banned" "stolen" or even lost account

What it does: This scam seeks out those who openly post there issues on social media or those who are seeking guidance from others about the issues there facing. the issues being there accounts being either hacked, lost or otherwise.

Who it targets: Vulnerable people seeking help while there accounts are seemingly being taken over by a hacker, or, some one who wants to desperately access there accounts that have been banned or suspended for future scam purposes, like this exact scam.

How the scam benefits from you: These scammers, who pretend to "help" you with your hacked account or suspended one for instance will ask for money in every way you can think of.

Either by guilt tripping you into paying them when they didn't mention you would need to pay for there services.

Or by saying you would need to pay, then the price is more than you bargained for, as they did not likely tell you the price or they put up the price because of an issue "you" caused them, making the price go up. All of these are real likely scenarios.

More About It:

A more detailed documentation and other notes on Twitter bot accounts

These bot accounts seem to be run by actual people and sometimes these people who run these spam accounts check in to see if some one has responded to there false claims. I have seen first hand actual people replying to innocent bystanders who are unaware of the scam that's praying on them.

These accounts are everywhere and need to be reported every time you see them. I admit its very time consuming to report these accounts as I see so many bot accounts on twitter it does feel tedious; it can get very extremely tiring.


However, reporting what you can does help, especially to those who fall for these scams and are unaware, it is key to at least share the tweets via screenshots on any social media platform you have, remember to blank out the names of those in your screenshots, a part from the scammers usernames; It's a hard decision, but you might need to post the screenshot knowingly with the name if someone's real, well, name.


Sometimes the name of the scammer isn't made by them but created by the previous owner as it was hijacked, taken over unwillingly, be it the accounts holders real name or a nickname.

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