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Where to Report Scams

The websites you can use to your advantage

Welcome to the How to Report a Scam page. This is a place where to can report a scam to various companies that deal with dodgy phone numbers, websites, phishing emails and official help provided by the organisation's apps you use, like YouTube.

Reporting scams helps others!

By reporting scams, you are making other people scam aware and bring internet safety closer to others. It also makes more people be able to realise how to spot scams and be scam aware.

Thank you for your contribution to others.


I'm also open to suggestions! Ask away via my Twitter account here: @headsupitsascam or use my contact page to email me your ideas!

Report Emails and Phishing

Photo from Office of national statistics

Did you know? According to the Office of National statistics:


"In the two weeks to 5 August 2022, more than 1,500 reports were made to the Suspicious Emails Reporting Service (SERS), run by the National Cyber Security Centre, about scam emails pretending to be legitimate energy rebates from Ofgem, the energy regulator in Great Britain. The emails use the Ofgem logo and colours and have the subject header “Claim your bill rebate now”.

Website: Phishing attacks – who is most at risk? - Office for National Statistics (

Fake UK goverment energy bill scam

Report Phone Numbers

Did you know? According to the FTC:


"As of 2021, scammers are still most likely to contact you by phone. In fact, you were almost twice as likely to be called versus texted. However, in the first half of 2022, scammers were using both avenues of attack equally."


Action Fraud

You can also report suspicious phone numbers to Action Fraud when you create an account with them.

Adding more stuff soon!

Post them online!

You can also report suspicious phone numbers yourself!

post them online on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and another social media you have!

Just remember to remove your personal information from any screenshot or other media or data you upload online

How to report content on social media

Did you know? Words from HeadsUp! It's a Scam.

"There are scammers on YouTube that impersonate real creators, such as Mr beast, one of the most popular content creators currently on YouTube platform. Why is he being targeted? 

Scammers use trusted individuals as a quick way of gaining your trust, even if those methods are impersonation, which is a crime on top of a crime. More info here"

For any questions, Just ask me here:


If you need someone to talk to about what to do about a scam your facing, I will help you to the best of my ability, thanks!

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